We, at Cromwell Granite & Tile, understand that the process of searching for the perfect stone and getting a quote for your desired new project, can be a trying process.
This page is a starter guide for getting an initial estimate so you can have at least an idea of what your new countertops will cost. This page makes the estimating process easier and more effective which will allow you to efficiently obtain the perfect stone for your project.
In order to receive a quote on your project there are three simple methods:

(1)Providing a rough estimate to CGT so we can have an idea of what you are in need of. This diagram is mostly so we can estimate whether you need one or more slabs in order to create your stone tops. Once we have a rough estimate of the layout and square footage you are in need of, then we can move to step 2.

(2)Determine what type of stone you want. You can find different types of stone including, Granite, Quartz, Marble, etc. You can go online and look at different types and patterns or you can visit our website,, and choose our stone selection tab. There you will find many types of stone for your project.

(3)Once you have selected the type of stone, Granite, Quartz, etc., then we can begin the estimate process. Our experts will locate the stone you want either in-house in our selection or through our suppliers. We contact more than 10 suppliers to find the stone you need at the best price possible. Once we have located the best priced stone, we prepare a full estimate for your project. The last thing you need to do is choose an eased edge (which comes at no cost with the fabrication) or a specialized edge. Prices for edges vary.


Once you have signed the estimate and contract and placed a deposit on your stone, we then begin the template process. Cromwell Granite & Stone places a stone order with our supplier or reserves your in-house stone choice. We then contact you to begin the template process:

Upon contacting you for the template process, our installers / showroom professionals schedule a time and date to meet you at your residence. We first run you through our list of needed pre-template questions to ensure that all that is needed by you is present before we schedule a date.

  1. Upon arrival at your residence or business, we discuss the stone you chose for your project, inspect your current construction status to ensure that everything that is needed in order to create a template has been completed.
  2. We then speak to you about sink choice. You can either purchase a sink through Cromwell Granite & Tile or find one at another location. Either way, we will need your sink prior to creating a template as we need to know what type of sink, measurements and how it will be mounted to the stone.
  3. We then create a template of your project. Once that template has been completed, you will sign off that no additional changes will be made to the area surrounding the location of your fabricated stone top. Changes made after the template is created may cause difficulties or inaccuracies that may effect the proper placement of your stone.
  4. We then return to our fabrication center and begin working on your custom stone product.